Anticopy PRO


The generated background can be imported to a layout of any graphics editor (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMacker, Corel Draw, Quark, Macromedia FreeHand and others). The image cannot be deformed (compressed or extended); it can be turned to 90 degrees only. The colour of the background can be replaced for a colour with 100% filling.

For example, black colour can be replaced for CYAN-100% or Pantone_Green-100%, if such ink is used in printing. On printing documents, usually less contrasting colours, such as orange or grey, are used for such patterns. If less contrasting colours are used, the optimum value of the gradient #1 = 35% is set and the background is not too dark.

During the process of image setting for offset or flexographic printing, the option of automatic downsampling of the resolution for the image should be switched off. The same requirement is applicable to saving the layout in PDF or PostScript format.

For printing by digital machines, rasterizing should be switched off (for example, "Screening - OFF" or "LPI - none").

The quality of printing can be inspected using a magnifying glass or a contact microscope by comparing with the enlarged image of the generated background on the computer's monitor. If the printed image differs (the forms of elements of the pattern are distorted or moiré appears on the background), check up carefully whether the above-mentioned requirements were satisfied.